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  • The Hoth 08 Jul '17, 3pm

    Star Wars: Battle for Hoth calls for attack pattern delta ( By RSS_News_User in forum Technology News

  • Theme Purchases 13 Apr '17, 5pm

    Where is a good place to purchase themes with support that doesnt break the bank. There just seems to be sooo many out there.

  • Tumblr Posting 01 May '17, 8am

    If you are posting same article to both your website and to tumblr then this will create duplicate version of same article but if you are using for tumblr for blogging purpose and posting unique articles then that would be OK.

  • Google bot blocked by robot.txt 21 May '17, 7am

    Google bot blocked by robot.txt Hi, I am having this 2 problems in my home page.I thinks thats why google are not indexing my home page.And from last 2months my home page is disappeared from google search eengine.In my mobile friendly test its showing now 1. https://googleads.g.double...

  • Moz Pro, Ahrefs, Majestic or other 20 Feb '17, 12am

    I've reached the point in my freelance SEO career where free software won't cut the mustard anymore. So I'm wondering what recommendations people have on paid services. The top three I'm looking at are: Moz Pro Ahrefs Majestic Ideally I'd like an "all-in-one" package that I can use fo...

  • Blekko 05 Mar '17, 10am

    hi guys what do you think about Blekko engine does your site indexed in blekko ?

  • keyword meta tag 11 Mar '17, 12am

    Is it necessary to have model on every key word with the actual model#? <meta name="KeyWords" content="Speed Queen Front Load Washer, Model AFN50RSP113TW01, Model AFNE9BSP113TN01, Model AFNE9BSP113TW01, Model AFNE9RSP113TW01"> <meta name="KeyWords" content="Speed Queen Front Load Wash...

  • Duplicate issues 26 Feb '17, 1pm

    Hi there My site is hosted n joomla and whenever i check WMT,i get notifications for duplicate titles and MDs. Actually these pages are auto created and the URLs are also not valid. How can in block these URLS using robots?. this is an example : webs - APPLICOM in which upto "shoretel...

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