30 Jul '16, 2pm

Working in Excel on a Saturday morning means I'm channeling @ToriCushing

I have done several Excel tutorials in the past and I know that they have been helpful to those with a background in Excel. But this post is for the marketers who have only opened Excel when a .csv has no where else to go… and they still look like this: Making It Pretty First we’re going to take a old busted .csv and make it the new hotness. Who really wants to look at ugly data all day? Here are a steps I take when I first open a .csv. Gridlines 10px cell padding in A1 Deleting/hiding unnecessary data Giving the document a title Pro Tip : Save as an Excel Workbook first. If you save the document as a .csv all the formatting will be lost. 1. Gridlines are for noobs. Trust me, your data will look 10 times more clean and professional with the Gridlines turned off. Under the View tab deselect the Gridlines box. Here’s a before and after beauty shot of Gridlines. 2. To add som...

Full article: https://authoritylabs.com/blog/excel-101-excel-noobs/