30 May '16, 5am

User-friendly sites have higher conversions. Don't lose a sale due to poor #websitedesign.

The term ‘user-friendly’ is thrown around a lot with regard to mobile apps and websites, but what does it actually mean? Technically, user-friendly design can be defined as UX and UI – user experience and user interaction. We see UX and UI are the XOXO (yup, that’s hugs and kisses) of user-friendly web design simply because these two elements of web design represent what kind of message you’re trying to relay to your visitors and what impression you want them to have of your website. In today’s article, I provide a simple overview of the subject and explain exactly how businesses should design their mobile apps and websites. So, let’s figure out what kind of message you’re getting across by first learning about what elements cause perceptions from your online visitors.

Full article: http://www.visibilitymagazine.com/ux-ui-xoxo-user-friendl...


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