19 Oct '15, 6am

SEMrush Email Specialists Analyzed Their Inboxes: Best and Worst Examples via @semrush

That‘s what we decided to do today. So first, we asked our email specialists to take a look at their inboxes and tell us what they found in recent newsletters they’ve received – good and bad. Then we asked Yuri Kanuka, Head of Email Marketing at SEMrush, to select and review the most vivid examples of email marketing moves, both successful and not, and share his thoughts with our audience.

Full article: http://www.semrush.com/blog/?p=25142


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Best Times to Send a Marketing Email; Quick Guide

Best Times to Send a Marketing Email; Quick Guide

webmarketingtoday.com 16 Oct '15, 1pm

It is often said that, in business, timing is everything. That’s also true of email marketing. You may have the best offer...