31 May '15, 3pm

#سعودي يكشف محطة وقود تخلط الديزل بالبنزين. . (فيديو)

Step 2 is often a challenge. There is a tendency for Webmasters to think of their sites as being more comprehensive and useful than they really are, and thus to submit their sites to higher level categories than are appropriate. There is also a trend for Webmasters to search for the category that they think is most likely to be viewed by the type of customer they hope to attract, rather than searching for the category that best encompasses their website. For example, a Webmaster for a walk-in health clinic website is likely to submit his or her site to one of the hospitals categories, thinking that he or she will be doing the users a favor - helping them to find his or her clinic site when they're "obviously searching for medical help." You should not try to choose a category by anticipating how users will browse through the directory. The directory may not be perfect, and...

Full article: http://www.seologic.com/faq/dmoz-open-directory-submissions