17 May '15, 6pm

Infographics 101 - How to Create a Viral Infographic ​ via @ThePRCoach

No company creates infographics for fun. There is always a purpose and business goal behind each infographic: increase sales, website traffic, link building, lead capture, or useable internal content. What helps accomplish the goal, while gaining a viral presence with an infographic is by inserting a call to action in the beginning or wrapping up the infographic with a CTA at the end. Give the viewer a reason to keep reading or desire for more information.

Full article: http://authoritylabs.com/blog/infographics-101/



worldgbc.org 20 May '15, 5am

We Create Inspired Moments. via @SbuxMel

starbucksmelody.com 17 May '15, 5pm

StarbucksMelody website is the best source of unofficial Starbucks news and information about Starbucks and their brands: ...

Here are South Korea’s 15 top-funded #Startups (INFOGRAPHIC)

Here are South Korea’s 15 top-funded #Startups ...

svca.org.sg 17 May '15, 6pm

Our newest infographic shows South Korea’s 15 top-funded startups as they stand at present, along with a few of the bigges...

Coding 101 68: Ruby on Rails part 4

twit.tv 19 May '15, 2am

Host: Fr. Robert Ballecer, SJ and Lou Maresca Lou has the best practices for Programming and code review, and Carlos joins...

#CCN2015 #infographic is out! Watch the breakdo...

usgbc.org 19 May '15, 6pm

The Center for Green Schools at USGBC, through its USGBC Students program and in partnership with Lucid , the Alliance to ...