26 Feb '15, 8pm

Is This The Peak of Podcasting? [SPONSORED] by @lauracruzspeaks

Is This The Peak of Podcasting? [SPONSORED] by @lauracruzspeaks

It is interesting to see how similar the traffic sources distribution structure is for both sites. For any podcast, the source of its success is content, which also helps with branding. As we see from the chart below, nearly one-third of all traffic volume comes from direct sources, representing the part of the audience which is well aware of the show and most likely consists of regular listeners. Referrals and Search bring close to a quarter of all incoming traffic each, and social media is responsible for roughly 15% of visits.

Full article: http://www.searchenginejournal.com/peak-podcasting-sponso...


Is Harry sponsored by Louis Vuitton now? #NICE

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