30 Aug '13, 12pm

Ted Dhanik of Engage BDR Talks Traffic Buying by @murraynewlands

Facebook’s implementation of hashtags brought with it a lot of change for Internet marketers, but perhaps the most important shift came within the CPC and media buying realm. But despite the fact that these changes have prompted a shift in many online marketing practices, there are still some companies who have managed to stay competitive with Facebook. One of those companies is Engage BDR, who Search Engine journal’s Murray Newlands recently visited in LA to chat with CEO Ted Dhanik about the current CPC and media buying landscape.

Full article: http://www.searchenginejournal.com/ted-dhanik-engage-bdr-...


Free Traffic vs Gatekeeper Traffic

Free Traffic vs Gatekeeper Traffic

seo2.0.onreact.com 01 Sep '13, 2pm

I mean both free as in no money spent and free as in unobstructed by an outside entity. Many people assume that search eng...