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  • A Sense Of Injustice

    loyarburok.com 16 Dec '13, 9am

    “Now in the Taff Vale case the railwaymen’s union called a strike at the railway station at Cardiff. The men left work and set up peaceful pickets so as to persuade others not to go to work. The trains could not run, and tbe company lost money. The railway were advised to bring an act...

  • Guys, you won't believe what just happened in Singapore.

    Breaking News: Businessman Not Shot in Singapore

    loyarburok.com 14 Aug '13, 6am

    What’s worrying, he adds is that police have still been unable to ascertain the motive behind the non-shooting. Insp. Ng conceded this point. He said “Mr Tan is a very wealthy man, and in our experience, men of his position and power usually ruffle a few feathers on the way up. Plus, ...

  • Jet-setting @LoyarBurok-ker @gaythri tells of her afternoon with Aung San Suu Kyi. More to come, I'm

    An Afternoon With The Lady

    loyarburok.com 19 Aug '13, 3am

    She asked me if I was getting a lot out of this trip. This was typical Daw Suu again – everyone else I had met asked how I liked this country. She asked me if I was succeeding in my mission, getting done what I had gone there to do. I told her that I met people in Yangon who welcomed ...

  • Kalimah Allah Court Of Appeal Judgment

    loyarburok.com 14 Oct '13, 5am

    The grounds of judgment, and a media summary, of the Kalimah Allah case decided by the Court of Appeal this morning (Monday, 14th October 2013) have already been published on the Judiciary’s website. Kudos to them for the speedy work, and to the judges for producing three individual g...

  • Altantuya Murder: Court of Appeal Judgment

    loyarburok.com 27 Aug '13, 11pm

    Read the full judgment of the Court of Appeal, as the Court discharged and acquitted two policemen (Kpl Sirul Azhar Umar and C/Insp Azilah Hadri) from the charge of murdering Altantuya Shaariibuu. The three-man panel unanimously set aside the death sentences imposed by the Shah Alam H...

  • Blawg Flash: Ask Lord Bobo: Did you really believe the ISA was gone forever?

    Ask Lord Bobo: Did you really believe the ISA was gone forever?

    loyarburok.com 03 Oct '13, 1am

    You know those thriller movies which end with the hero throwing the homicidal, crazed villain off the building and then turning around to give a coy-yet-triumphant smile at the saucy scantily-clad damsel he just saved, and standing stoically with his bloody wounds and torn shirt for h...

  • Jom ke BC for The Court movie Monday night by @pusatkomas @lawyers4liberty @freedomfilmfest @PusatRa…

    Movie screening: The Court

    loyarburok.com 08 Dec '13, 2am

    In the style of a courtroom thriller Michele Gentile and Marcus Vetter (The Tunnel, The Heart of Jenin) follow Ocampo during an inordinately complex juridical process which is given a face during the course of the film. And when Angelina Jolie together with 93 year old Ben Ferencz, fo...

  • Raphael shares the reasons he quit his job as a litigation lawyer at one of the biggest law firms in Malaysia.

    Why I Quit My Job: Changing Lanes, Climbing Peaks

    loyarburok.com 01 Oct '13, 2am

    One year ago exactly, I quit my job as a civil litigation lawyer at a top local law firm, and immediately joined a top multinational company as a corporate legal counsel. Was it a big shift? Yes and no. Yes, because I could no longer stand before the court, as I had used to for the pr...