• The rain now is no joke... Whole of Singapore is covered with Thundery Showers

    National Environment Agency

    app2.nea.gov.sg 20 Oct '12, 10am

    • Thundery showers (or thunderstorms) are characterised by flashes of lightning and claps of thunder. Lightning from a thunderstorm can strike more than 10 km away from the thunderstorm cloud. • A forecast of “Thundery showers” thus indicates there is an imminent risk of lightning for...

  • Singapore Attends Emergency Haze Meeting Convened By Indonesia

    app2.nea.gov.sg 21 Jun '13, 6am

    9 We read from media reports that there are Malaysian and Singapore palm oil companies who may be responsible for starting the fires. I wish to assure you that Singapore respects Indonesia’s sovereignty. Our companies operating out of Singapore are expected to follow the laws of the l...

  • Singapore Registers Concerns Over Increase in Hotspots Count

    app2.nea.gov.sg 22 Jul '13, 1pm

    – The Chief Executive Officer of the National Environment Agency, Mr Ronnie Tay, has today written to one of his counterparts, Indonesian Deputy Minister for Environmental Degradation Control & Climate Change, Mr Arief Yuwono, to register Singapore’s concerns over the sudden spike in ...