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16 Things That Give #SEO a Bad Name | | StuntDuBL| StuntDuBL vía @stuntdubl

16 Things That Give #SEO a Bad Name | | StuntDuBL| StuntDuBL vía @stuntdubl

It’s a shame how quickly favors are sometimes forgotten. It’s also a shame we always have to keep track. It’s hard to want to give things away when people always just want more. SEO is a community that relies heavily on the sharing of information. The level of what you share directly impacts how others treat and respect you. It’s difficult to share information without sharing TOO much information – or knowing the appropriate venues for sharing information. It’s easy to forget being given good information, and tough to forget getting bad information. Just don’t start to think that you’re entitled to have people share with you if you’ve never done anything but lurk on a forum.

Full article: http://www.stuntdubl.com/2012/11/27/negative-seo/


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