14 May '16, 10pm

Well executed... Check these out! 23 Brands With Awesome Instragram Vids

Ever wonder how to cop FedEx’s long-term status as a trusted brand? With 11.5 million shipments each day , FedEx has created a strong corporate identity by living up to its promises and giving their customers a reliable experience. In this collaboration below with Cafe Devocion — they tell a story from the customer to the end-user. As true storytellers, FedEx is aiming to reimagine classic marketing pieces — think contests , cute puppy videos , and user-generated content . These videos fall right in line with the brand’s tagline “The World On Time.” We see people, planes, and trucks which convey FedEx’s dedication to the speed of delivery. And, with the new 60-second videos, I believe we’ll start to see this global organization take on that perception even more.

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