11 Nov '15, 3pm

A refund chart can now be accessed from an article posted on by tax specialist Frank Ellis.

An IRS efile 2016 tax refund cycle chart is now available and can be accessed via an article posted by Frank Ellis on The tax specialist reveals the IRS has delayed when people can send tax information. A refund chart is available with e-file dates .

While people can e-file, the changes will lead to a longer time to receive tax refunds, the author reveals. He then provides insight into how to avoid further delay. The article mentions when taxes can be filed early as an effective way to get refunds sooner. Getting all the proper documents together and submitted makes it easier to file early.

By using the proper forms and documentation, one can avoid requiring taxes to be amended. If this is the case, then form 1040X must be used, depending on the form initially sent for filing. The author provides various facts and guidelines for using 1040X, and stresses that having the proper documents together initially will avoid related hassles the following year.

Another helpful tool for tax filing mentioned in the article is TurboTax. The software guides users in filing based on the IRS refund schedule chart . It also provides numerous questions which ensure the person filing has their documents together and avoids having to amend their taxes. Also the five different versions are outlined briefly as are their price benefits.

Readers also learn at what date they can start filing. The biggest perk to TurboTax, that people can e-file their taxes from their own computer, closes out the article, so they can get the best refund possible. It helps them avoid relying on a tax preparer and wait in their office.

For more information on this year’s refund cycle chart, and other ways people can make e-filing easier, go to the article posted at Tax Refund Schedule Chart for 2016 .

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