02 Nov '15, 7pm


1888PressRelease - The classic game of Chicken has been released for iOS. Chicken is an extremely hard reaction time mobile microgame, in which you will have to test your reflexes to dodge a train.

Remember the classic game of Chicken where two cars drive straight towards each other and the driver that swerves away is a Chicken? Or Jim Stark playing the game of Chicken in the movie Rebel Without a Cause? Now this game, and model of conflict has been turned into a mobile game for iOS!

Play as a car, pickup truck, SUV, motorcycle, or even tank and test your reaction speed in this addicting iPhone game. Gain coins, unlock cool new vehicles, and see how many times you can dodge the train. Boasting a progressive level of difficulty and addicting gameplay, Chicken is sure to be your next favorite way to waste time!

The objective of Chicken is quite simple, place your finger on the screen and wait for the countdown. As soon as you see the train appear, remove your finger as fast as possible. If you let go too soon, you are called a chicken and the game ends. But beware if you let go too late, you crash with the train and loose as well, so timing is everything!

Chicken has beautiful voxel retina display graphics, realistic sounds, and increasing level of difficulty. See if you can score more points and last longer than your friends and family, or compete against the world for the top score! This game provides hours of fun and entertainment and is a must have on your iPhone!

Chicken - Endless Speed Test Game, is now available via the iTunes App Store. Download this extremely fun and challenging game today on your iPhone or iPod Touch from the App Store. Chicken is an insanely challenging but fun reaction time game that will provide you with hours of fun.

Chicken - Endless Speed Test Game

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