02 Nov '15, 5pm

There could be so many reasons for requiring storage solutions including going on vacation, overflowing things in the garages

There could be so many reasons for requiring storage solutions including going on vacation, overflowing things in the garages, alterations and repairs at properties, de-cluttering things at home, ensuring more safety for belongings and many others. Whatever may be the reason, you would like to ensure that your belongings are moved up and down safely without hassles and also ensure that they are safety and security are assured. You would also need economical pricing so that your storage need does not burn your pockets. We at Salford Storage are highly sensitive to all of these customers' concerns and therefore provide the most dependable, highly serviced and economical storage options to the community.

There are several significant characteristics that distinguish our storage facilities and services from those of other similar firms. All our storage solutions are perfectly tailored to your specific requirements and are therefore highly sought after by our customers. We offer both personal as well as business storage options for customers in the surrounding areas on all requirements. Our services are of supreme kind, our facilities are of ultra modern nature with clean and safe features, our prices are the lowest that you can hope for and also admire. Therefore, both for residential and business customers, our storage solutions are the ideal option.

Several factors go in to say why we are the most preferred storage solutions provider in the area. In the first place, we provide the cheapest rates on different types of storage packages. We have differently sized storage units to suit the volume of your requirements and therefore, you will not need to waste your money on the extra space that you will need to hire, but not actually make use of. So with our meticulously planned storage options, you spend only what you need to. Our storage centre is a state-of-the-art facility that is skilfully planned and meticulously accomplished with keen eye to minute details.

When you come across a storage need, we take away the hassles from the process through our value added services. Our personnel visit your place, get the necessary packaging materials and cartons, safely pack the items, transport them to our storage units and when you need them, we transport them safely back to your premises. While you save on the hassles involved, the great news is that all of this is done for free absolutely without any extra charges to be paid. For the first 8 weeks, we provide half price storage service.

Since storage is a matter of convenience and requirement for our customers, we do not specify any maximum or minimum storage period for our customers' belongings. You can choose the period you want as per your need and pay only for the period for which you have utilised our storage services. With all this, it is extremely easy for you to rent a self storage unit for your needs. Once your belongings are with us, you can be assured of their safety since we have implemented a fool proof security system to ensure 100% safety to the storage units and their contents. Choose us for your storage needs and discover the difference it makes.

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