02 Nov '15, 3pm

Defrost chicken tips:

Chicken is the most delicious food, enriched with nutrients and heavy amount of proteins. Chicken can be consumed daily, but it should be well cooked so that we get the desired nutrients from it. Cooking should not be done more or less, but should be done at moderate level. Chicken is got from hen or cock, and as they are living organisms, they do have bacterial upon its skin and also inside. Therefore you need to be very careful while cooking and see to it that all of the bacteria present are removed from it, so that you can consume a healthy chicken. There are many helpful websites which provides you useful information about how to  Defrost chicken   . is one among them. Here you can see blogs and reviews of real life chefs and house wives, in which they have shared important tips to cook your chicken in microwaves in a better way.  They have given important tips on how to cook chicken, few of them are: “ MAKE SURE TO USE MICROWAVE WITH LOW POWER WHEN YOU ARE DEFROSTING THE CHICKEN MEAT”, low power waves helps in better penetrations and hence all of the bacteria will be removed, therefore you should cook the chicken in low power. Next important tip is “ DO NOT PUT TOO MANY PIECES OF CHICKEN INSIDE THE MICROWAVE AT ONCE”, when you put many pieces of chicken at once they don’t get properly cooked, nor does it helps to remove entire bacteria.