05 Aug '12, 6pm

Word From Ya Moms (and Dads) | SEER Interactive

Written by Jamie Blomquist 2 Comments Our parents… those wonderful men and women who changed our diapers, force-fed us our vegetables, supported our collegiate studies through payment of innumerable pizzas, and lost sleep over whether our degrees in Marketing eventually would lead us to a fulfilling career like in “Mad Men” (without drugs, alcohol, glass ceilings, affairs, stereotypes, malice, financial woes, materialism, and gross ethical bankruptcy, of course). So how many of our parents actually know what we do at work? Not just our titles, but the day-to-day stuff. Over the last few weeks, I’ve been surveying the proud parents of SEER associates with a simple question: “In 3-4 sentences, how would you describe what your son/daughter does at work?” In an ever-complicated internet ecosystem, even our techier peers have difficulty in explaining SEO and Paid Search. As the...

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Interactive Ruby Learning

rubyflow.com 05 Aug '12, 4pm

Interactive Ruby Learning Posted by samnang on August 05, 2012 — 0 comments This weekend, I gave a talk about Interactive ...

Word! Her sneakers are fire My Sunday Love

instagram.com 12 Aug '12, 10pm

@handsomeassnigga what do you do with your daughters clothes when she's outgrown it ?? Donate it ? Throw it out ?

@trafalucz ya! I give u link:

ebay.com.sg 11 Aug '12, 1pm

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