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1888 Press Release - Electrician To The Rescue is an electrical service firm based in Sydney. Not only do they have emergency electricians on call 24 hours a day and 7 days a week, but they are also known for the 100% lifetime guarantee they offer.

Electrical service firms are known for their great workmanship. It is common to find electrical appliances installed improperly, making them problematic when the owners operate them. But not with Electrician To The Rescue. This company has made a name for itself for its prompt and efficient service across Sydney and with its recent 100% lifetime guarantee on all the jobs it performs, it certainly looks like it is going to get more attention from the locals.

A company spokesperson said at the press conference, "We came up with the 100% lifetime guarantee idea because we wanted our customers to be sure about us before they hired us. With a 100% lifetime guarantee, our customers have no reason to worry about when they hire our emergency electricians now!''

He goes on to say, "This offer is also to show how confident we are about our services. As emergency electricians of choice in the city, we have helped hundreds of people deal with emergency situations. We are a truly 24/7 operation and with our 100% lifetime guarantee, people can call us in the middle of the night without worrying about whether or not we will arrive. We will be at our customer's side very shortly because we understand how important it is in the industry to offer top-class service at all times.''

The spokesperson also says, ''At Electrician To The Rescue, we truly believe: 'If a job's worth doing, it's worth doing well'. So when a customer calls us in for a particular job they need to get done, we do it once and we do it well. We take a lot of pride in our workmanship and since we complete each job to a high standard, we are able to offer a guarantee. People who have never hired us will understand how serious we are about our work. We not only have fully trained, licensed and bonded technicians on our crew, but we also provide them with fully-equipped vans. So no matter how simple or complicated a job a customer calls us in for, the technician is sure to have the tools and equipment to get it done once and for all.''

The 100% lifetime guarantee that the company is offering at the moment goes on to show that it is serious about doing the job well. And it is finding quite a few takers already. The locals require the help of emergency electricians for a number of reasons, and this company is finding its phone ringing quite a lot these days.

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Electrician To The Rescue
86A May Street Saint Peters,
Australia - 2044

1300 306 110



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