05 Mar '12, 7pm

MPEG DASH Gains Industry Support As “Streaming Media Standard”

Internet friendly. MPEG-DASH uses standard HTTP protocol . It can be deployed using standard web servers and it work with existing Internet infrastructures, including CDNs, caches, firewalls and NATs. On-demand, live and time-shift applications . MPEG-DASH supports on-demand, live and time-shift applications and services with a single framework. Switching and selectable streams . The MPD provides adequate information to the client for selecting and switching between streams, for example, selecting one audio stream from different languages, selecting video between different camera angles, selecting the subtitles from provided languages, and dynamically switching between different bitrates of the same video camera. Ad insertion . Advertisements can be inserted as a period between periods or segment between segments in both on-demand and live cases. Compact manifest .The segm...

Full article: http://www.reelseo.com/mpeg-dash-streaming-media-standard/


Strong support for Najib Razak

tankinlian.blogspot.com 10 Mar '12, 11am

I am impressed with the leadership shown by the Malaysian Prime Minister, Najib Razak. He has abolished the Internal Secru...


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