29 Jun '14, 12pm

Viral Video Round Up – The Draw of Destruction and The Power of Teamwork

Now the lesson here—in my opinion—isn't so much about taking on the big guys. But rather, it's in the little guys banding together. Each of these YouTube artists already has some level of a following. By pooling their talents, they were able to reach a much larger audience than any one of them likely could have on their own. In my own consulting practice, I'm seeing more and more small businesses that want to make a splash online joining their efforts with other like-minded companies. In doing so, they double their creative output along with doubling their reach through the combined customer bases of both companies. Don't be afraid to team up with another "little guy" on your viral efforts, because the benefits can be enormous.

Full article: http://www.reelseo.com/draw-destruction-power-teamwork/


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Final Round Tee-time update

Final Round Tee-time update

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