28 Jun '14, 2pm

@kiwidavid1 een van onze labels @DentsuAegisNL (iProspect) heeft dit eerder gedaan:

By Beth Ringer | Director, Digital Strategy There have been a lot of conversations lately around the Quick Response (QR) code and its ongoing viability. Marketers love these neat little information packages but consumers are not yet convinced of their value. Though they suddenly seem to be everywhere, the QR code is actually not new. It was first used in the automotive industry back in 1994 but is now used in a wide variety of industries and applications. It has remained popular because of its large data storage capacity and fast readability. The research on QR code engagement and usability is mixed. According to research from Chadwick Martin Bailey about half of Smartphone users have scanned a QR code at least once. Their top reason to scan one was out of simple curiosity (46 percent), followed by the hope for more information (41 percent). Of those who have scanned, just...

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