14 Feb '12, 12am

TubeMogul Spins Off OneLoad Into Its Own Video Distribution Destination

TubeMogul Spins Off OneLoad Into Its Own Video Distribution Destination

"The impetus for this is to give OneLoad its own identity independent of TubeMogul, a brand that shifted in meaning in the past year as our real-time media buying platform for video advertising grew rapidly with brand advertisers and trading desks. This will help avoid confusion between the two groups. Nothing is changing other than where accounts live, and OneLoad.com will continue to be developed by an internal team -- a small "company within a larger company" -- as TubeMogul.com focuses its efforts on making the world of real-time buying safe, effective and simple for brand advertisers." said David Burch, Director of Communications at TubeMogul, Inc.

Full article: http://www.reelseo.com/tubemogul-oneload/


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