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Information about Herbal Incense

Information about Herbal Incense

Looking For Herbal Incense Blends? The Herbal Incense market has been said to be modeled from the International Oddities product line. Our smokes have been popular for decades and there is a reason for the surge of jwh-18 and related herbal incense smokes. We however do not agree with the unnatural way so-called herbal incense products came into being because there are better ways to have superior products. That is where the similarities and sometimes confusion begins and ends It is true that International Oddities was contacted years ago by individuals close to the original herbal incense "spice" and wanted to incorporate our product line into their business model. Because we inherently knew there were a number of issues with the concept and creation of the spice or k-2 herbal highs we declined to allow an association of our High Quality Herbal Smoke products to be strapp...

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herbal blend better than legal bud

herbal blend better than legal bud

internationaloddities.com 05 Jan '12, 12am

Legal herbal blends were originated by International Oddities when it developed the herbal smoking market over 30 years ag...

Haven't had a good night's rest since ringing in the new year? Sounds like you need a cup of Sleepytime Herbal Tea!

Haven't had a good night's rest since ringing i...

greenmountaincoffee.com 07 Jan '12, 7am

Sleepytime Herbal Tea K-Cups, a comforting blend of chamomile and spearmint, creates a lullaby of tender flavor to soothe ...