Jess Andri
13 Jun '18, 1pm

The price you have to pay for an unsecured IT infrastructure can be costly.

Apart from the financial setbacks, you also stand to lose your customers’ confidence over security issues or breaches. When you fail to secure your IT environment, you’re making your company vulnerable to many other types of risks and threats such as denial of service attacks, malware infiltration, and account hijacking.

These vulnerabilities give cyber-criminals control of your network and all the customer and company data it keeps.Ultimately, poor IT infrastructure management can put your business revenue and reputation on the line. 

How to Make Your IT Infrastructure More Secure

The following steps describe the ways of maintaining the security of your IT network:

1.  Have experts conduct an IT assessment/audit and planning.

2. Create and enforce IT security policies.

3. Enforce a strong password policy.

4. Back-up your data.

5. Always update your anti-virus software.

6. Update workstations and software.

7. Update your firewall.

8. Implement a hosted DNS solution.

9. Audit your servers.

10. Safeguard mobile devices.

11. Guard your email with a hosted spam solution.

12. Use an anti-malware application.

13. Choose your network name wisely.

14. Separate guest networks from main networks.

15. Outsource IT-related processes and systems.

IT security is an absolute necessity for businesses. There’s no room for poor practices or technology products that might compromise the ability of your IT infrastructure to thwart security threats. For this, you need professionals and experts to handle your IT operations. Read about the steps in detail here: