27 Apr '18, 10pm

The Career Path Less Traveled: How I Pitched (and Won!) For My Dream Job

The Career Path Less Traveled: How I Pitched (and Won!) For My Dream Job

The biggest lesson I’ve learned from working in a fast-paced, ever-evolving digital agency environment is that you can never stop learning. That’s a challenge that may work in your favor if you’re serious about advancing your career and putting in the work to get there. As employees, we often assume that the job description we’re given on our first day of work is the role we’re expected to fall into, just waiting for permission to advance if (and only if) a more formal promotion plan is discussed. It wasn’t until I started openly talking about my own long-term career goals with the Seer Executive Leadership team before I realized that I was in the right organization that wanted to work with me to build a path to get there.

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