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Now that unlocking your phone is no longer illegal, we now have a lot of websites offering to unlock your phone.

Now that unlocking your phone is no longer illegal, we now have a lot of websites offering to unlock your phone. But there’s a lot of confusion about phone unlocks. Whom should you contact to unlock a phone? How does unlocking help? And most important of all why should you contact Cellunlocker to unlock your phone?

We are the best:

Cellunlocker is a registered business having served thousands of customers. We are a registered business, offering the lowest price with the fastest turnaround time. And the most important of all – we offer a 100% guarantee or your money back!

We make sure that your phone can be used internationally:

While SIM locked phones have ensured that people can now afford expensive phones, it has tied them up to a single service provider. Usually, this is not a problem because it benefits both parties; the user gets to afford a high-end phone, and service providers get to recoup their investment by providing you a service. But what if you had to go outside the country for vacation? You can request some service providers to unlock your phone temporarily, but there are many too many formalities. Besides, you may be restricted to make requests for a few times in a year. With Cell Unlocker, you can permanently unlock your phone and save money on roaming charges. All that they have to do is to swap their existing SIM with another SIM card obtained from a local provider.

We make it easy for you to resell your phone:

Reselling SIM locked phones is almost impossible. You will have to contact the service provider and follow too many formalities before the phone is unlocked. It is for this reason that unlocked phones sell easily and for a better price.

We make it easy for you to replace your phone:

If your old phone is damaged or needs repairs, you don’t have too many options besides taking the phone to the manufacturer or a third party seller. You will have to go without your phone until it is serviced. But with a SIM-unlocked phone, all that you have to do is to remove the SIM card and use it on a temporary phone and replace it back after service.

We make it easy for you to switch service providers:

There’s little you can do if you have problems with the service provider because your SIM card wouldn’t work on any other phone. But with a SIM-unlocked phone, you are free to switch service providers and choose any plan of your choice.

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Cellunlocker is the world’s best and fast cell unlocking company. We offer to unlock any GSM phone on any network.