30 Dec '17, 2pm

On December 27th Word Panda announced its new system of English lessons.

New York, NY, December 29, 2017 -- On December 27th Word Panda announced its new system of English lessons. The system is based upon new technologies used to analyze and process natural languages. These technologies are an integral part today’s AI applications.

The lessons will be based on deep knowledge of how languages work and how people use them. Machine learning offers incredible possibilities of making education as personal as it’s never been. The results of our students are analyzed by special algorithms that take into account nearly one hundred of parameters. This way the AI detects the effectiveness of learning and finds the connections between changing parameters and students’ success. This method helps us generate individual courses based on the students’ personality.

It took many weeks of testing our education system, storing its results and processing this big data to find out the factors impacting the effectiveness of studying. Our team has systematized them and found out the crucial ones. Now we can efficiently plan each lesson for each student so that the material is easy to understand and learn.

This has always been considered the genius of a teacher that treats any of the students individually. Now we offer an automatic system that cares about who’s learning. And this system itself is constantly learning.

The algorithms we have launched on Word Panda are not constant. They evolve as we collect more data and come to new conclusions. They are as alive as the very language we teach and study.

The language we teach is also affected by these machine learning and big data technologies. Unlike traditional courses with abstract topics and often obsolete vocabulary, we offer fresh spoken English, with correct grammar and classical base, yet not outdated at all. This is the approach you can see and rate in Word Panda online dictionary. Analyzing large massives of texts allows us to track each word’s history and current condition, all the meanings it has ever had and all the words it can be connected or related to. The result can be seen as a full dossier you get on the word you search.

The price we have established seems moderate for the possibilities behind it. The learning process will take less time and have better effect with the new know-how’s we involve.Always hoping for the better, Word Panda welcomes you to start learning English under our new program. Speak future now!

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