23 Dec '17, 1pm

Home Improvement

Most homeowners find the advantages far outweigh the disadvantages with cedar roofing. Cedar is no exception when all roofing materials have pros and cons associated with them. The pros and cons of cedar shingles can vary depending on your individual needs and hence choosing a cedar roof is an individual decision. Individual needs may include your desired maintenance commitment, location, your climate, the home surroundings in terms of sun exposure and trees grown, and most importantly your budget. There are many more pros to cedar roofs than cons and the greatest advantage of all is the natural beauty of cedar.

Cedar is a beautiful roofing product and the way in which it gracefully ages into a beautiful grayish silver tone often imitated in appearance by man-made roofing materials.  When thinking about a roofing solution Longevity is understandably a critical factor. Cedar wood is long-lasting, making it an ideal roofing material in terms of cost-savings. Unlike common roofing materials, like asphalt, Cedar lasts at least 10 years longer.  Cedar wood shingles and shakes are durable in heavy rains, hurricanes, hail storms, snowstorms and also resistant to strong winds and other types of severe storms.

Providing a natural insulation up to two times that of asphalt shingles cedar wood roofs are also energy efficient. The environmental and installation related factors are some of the many things that will affect the lifespan of a roof. But these significantly save on energy bills as it allows you to conserve Home Improvement heating and cooling costs.  Good architectural character and high performance are what makes them a popular choice for homeowners.  Cedar siding is environmentally friendly as these materials are sourced from properly managed forests and are fully recyclable. Cedar is biodegradable and a renewable resource building material. 

A.B. Edward Inc have had decades of experience making shakes and shingles and they replace every tree which they harvest with another and their processing techniques are kind to the environment. By trained and experienced employees each roof is unique and each individual shingle is hand cut making the process all eco-friendly and safe for the environment. It involves a skilled eye and years of experience with the wood.  There are many companies out there in Chicago but only A.B. Edward Inc is the leading one, do visit their official website for more details.