21 Dec '17, 7pm

Docking Station,Universal Docking Station

To resolve the issue of compatibility, Liztek has come with its Universal Docking Station supporting all OS And Windows. It's equipped with two USB 3.0 giving super speed of 5 Gbps and charging current upto 1.5A.
Technology is advancing at such an alarming speed, releasing new devices at such a fast pace. Some devices invented are unique and completely new, some are upgraded versions and some are invented to support the running devices. These gadgets are not only feature rich but are also making our life much easier and hassle-free. One such device is Universal Docking Station, it's a multi-utility device and has got a very high demand. 
What is Universal Docking Station?
It's a hardware device, empowering laptops with the features of desktop. With help of docking station you can connect keyboard, printer, mouse, scanner and other computer peripherals to your desktop, the device is also used to provide high speed charging and also enables the user to connect multiple monitors. Certainly this single device is loaded with multiple benefits.
However the only problem occurred was the issue of compatibility. Some docking stations were compatible with specific operating systems and some with others, creating an ado when connecting certain gadgets with this device. 
Liztek is one of the most trusted brand in the segment of computer peripherals and has earned tremendous goodwill among its buyers across the globe. The brand has resolved the compatibility issue with its Universal Docking Station. The device has created a lot of buzz as Liztek docking station is compatible to connect with all OS and Windows. Now the users does not need fret regarding the operating system as Liztek's Universal Docking Station is compatible with different operating systems without giving any trouble to the user. The device is loaded with two USB 3.0 ports giving super transfer speed of 5 Gbps and it can provide charge to your several devices coming from different brands with charging current upto 1.5A. The device has got many other features and to know more about its specification simply visit amazon.