06 Dec '17, 3pm

via @linkassistant

via @linkassistant

Meet the visual way to spot problems in your site architecture, analyze internal link juice, and explain errors to clients. What does your site look like to search engines? Is your site's structure prone to serious crawl budget and link juice leaks? Are your important pages linked well? Today's WebSite Auditor update will give you instant answers to these questions. Meet site visualizations: graphical maps of your website that are both stunningly good-looking and actionable. To get access to the update, simply launch WebSite Auditor and let it auto-update to the latest version (or, if you don't have WebSite Auditor yet, download it here ). Next, create or open a project for your site and jump straight to the Visualization dashboard.

Full article: https://www.link-assistant.com/news/site-visualizations.html


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