14 Nov '17, 6pm

Massage Roller,Massage Roller Stick

o get relief from tired feet, massage them, use rolling stick, soak them, cleanse and get refreshed feet.
Major part of a day we keep standing to complete the routine chores and at times when the limit is extended, we suffer from feet pain which at times can even led us to lie on bed for hours or to take pain killers. However there simple steps that can facilely endow some relief to your tired feet, that too without taking any pills.  The five Simple steps to relieve your tired feet are as follows:  • Massage Them: A nice massage will not give tremendous relief in pain but will also nourish them. You can use coconut and olive oil, heat up the oil to a certain temperature that suits your body, you can dip your finger to check that out. Make a routine to massage your feet every night. It will not only sooth up your feet but will also make them soft and supple. • Roll On: These days a Massage Roller  is available in market, helpful in giving intense relief in pain. It does not requires any electricity or battery, it's a fine Massage Roller stick which when rolled presses the acupuncture points, aids to increase in blood circulation, relief in pain and makes you feel much better and fresh. • Soak Up: Take a small tub, pour warm water in it, a cup of Epsom salt and two tbsp of chamomile tea and mix the concoction until the salt is absorb in water. Now dip your feet in the tub until the temperature of water cools down and your feet will certainly feel much better. • Rub Them: Pumice stone is a great beauty equipment for your feet, it makes your feet feel great by removing all the dirt and dead cells from your feet making them clean and feel refreshed. • Scrub On: Take a cup of sugar, add one teaspoon of vanilla extract, four tbsp of olive oil and one teaspoon of cinnamon powder. Mix all the ingredients, rub it on your feet, leave it for an hour and then was it off. 
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