18 Oct '17, 8pm

Tens Unit,ems unit

EMS is one of the most trending pain relief therapy with many other utilities and is the part of fitness regime many celebrities like Madonna and Heidi. 

Electronic muscle stimulator helps in elicitation of muscle contraction by using minor electrical impulses. And in last few years it has got tremendous response and many celebrities including Madonna and Heidi have benefited with this therapy.  Reasons to utilise EMS therapy:- • It's helpful in uplifting strength of the people undergoing in some training, especially for athletes and wrestlers.  • It is utilised as a rehabilitation and preventive tool for the people partially or totally immobilised. • It's  helpful to evaluate the muscular or neural function in vivo. • It's also utilised in post-exercise recovery from muscle soreness and other ailments.  • Helpful in reducing a wide array of muscle pain and aches.  EMS therapy had stormed  Hollywood, Madonna and Heidi have included it in their fitness regime without, embracing their workout sessions with high efficacy. Although the therapy possess high utility but before going for it one should certainly consult their physician to ensure your body reaction to the therapy.  In EMS therapy low voltage electrical impulses are passed in body through the electrodes adhere near the muscle being simulated. The Tens Unit used for EMS therapy is called as EMS/TENS unit also known as Electrotherapy Pain Relief  Device. It's a handheld device and is available OTC device, one should be heedful and buy only such devices from a trusted and renowned brand only. Santamedical EMS/TENS Unit is one of the finest device in its segment and is recommended by many elite physiotherapist clinics. Decked up with style the Tens Unit looks quite elegant coloured in black hue with grey margins on LCD and grey tabs. It's a small handheld device loaded with powerful features, that works no less than magic. It has got 8 preset TENS programmers and 6 preset EMS programmes endowing user a complete hassle free experience to get the requisite massage specifically designed to bring relief in pain on different parts of body. It has got highly sophisticated LED screen, displaying therapy mode, programme mode, intensity level and time remaining to the treatment. You can set the timer as per your comfort, anywhere from 5 mins to 60 mins. Overall it's an advanced and sophisticated device to know more about the device simply log on to amazon