17 Oct '17, 8pm

Carbon electrode pads,Ems Unit pads

The big size Santamedical electrode pads are brought relatively quick relief in pain, however, the user should aptly adhere them.

Electronic Muscle Simulator therapy is very much in vogue these days, is an easy and convenient way to get relief in varied muscle pain and aches. In this therapy, minor impulses are passed to the ache prone muscles buy adhering electrode pads on the specific area on the body. Here the efficacy of the EMS therapy depends a lot on the quality of the electrode pads. It's essential that carbon in these pads are active and these pads are properly stuck as little negligence may reduce the efficacy of the therapy.  Santamedical is an adroit brand in the healthcare sector and it's always in stride to produce high-quality and advanced devices. The brand in regular intervals launches an upgraded version of the present device and recently the brand has come up with big size electrode pads which are expected to give fast pain relief. It measures 4” x 2” in size which is little bigger than the regular size, covering the larger area and is expected to give quick relief in pain.  Santamedical has also provided few tips and tricks to effectively use these big size electrode pads:- • Carefully outline the area where the pain persists.  • Always adhere two electrode pads with EMS device having one channel and four electrode pads with dual channel EMS device.  • To alter the flow of electrical sensation, simply change the distance between the electrode pads.  • The electrode pads should not overlap each other there should be at least an inch distance between them and the effectiveness of EMS therapy also depends on the distance between the pads, as the distance increases the efficacy of EMS reduces. • There are three directions in which these pads can be placed:- vertical, horizontal and angulated.  • When the area of pain is wide such as below the neck and between the shoulders, then place the pads in the vertical direction to the right and left the side of the spine. In case if the pain extends out then the pads should be angulated in the pain direction. • When having pain in joint areas simply adhere the pads horizontally on muscles above and below the joint.  • When having intense pain in small areas, place the pads parallel to each side of pain.  To get your set of Santamedical 4” x 2” Reusable Tan Carbon Electrode Pads With Premium Gel, simply log on to Amazon.