12 Oct '17, 8pm

Water Flosser,Oral Irrigator

Gurin water flosser is an easy to use device, perfect for implants, portable, empowered with three modes, and is recommended by many dentists, giving you a complete oral care solution.

Wearing a beautiful smile can make you look more opulent than wearing expensive diamonds. To get that pleasant smile one needs take a good care of their oral hygiene. There are umpteen products available in market ensuring you to give a complete care solution to your mouth, however only few of them keep their promise. Water flosser is the most trending dental equipment in this segment recommended by many elite dentists.  What is Water Flosser?  Water flosser, also known as water irrigator, is highly advanced and sophisticated device, giving a complete oral care solution. It's a dental equipment having powerful water jet, flushing away all the dirt, germs and debris. It's a great oral hygiene option especially for the people having dental implants. It's always suggested to get such heath care devices from a reputed brand only endowing you a hassle-free and smooth experience. Gurin is an adroit brand in health care sector and had got millions of happy users across the world. The brand has recently come up with its water flosser, generating a huge demand in very less time. The device is approved by FDA and is recommended by many dental care professionals in USA.   Features Of Gurin Water Flosser:- • Easy To Use: It's an easy to use device, user simply needs to open the cap and fill water till the mark given, cap it back and turn on the power tab. It's water jet is very powerful and facilely removes all the dirt and debris from the mouth. • Perfect For Implants: It has got a fine tip a the top, rotating 360 degrees, enabling it to reach the places where normal for does not reach. • Portable: Unlike the giant flossers seen in dentists clinic the device is compact and lite, one can facilely carry it along. • Three Modes: Gurin water flosser has got three different modes to choose from, soft, normal and pulse. Many people use the pulse mode to give massage to their gums. • Recommended By Dentists: Many dentists have accepted that it's 5x more effective than traditional flossing and is a one stop solution for all your oral hygiene need. To know more about the device simply log on to Amazon.