13 Sep '17, 8pm

infrared thermometer, Non Contact Infrared Thermometer

Santamedical Non Contact Infrared Thermometer is one of the finest device in its segment and earned trust of medical professionals as well as laymen. The device has got a significant market share and expects to raise the bar in coming months.

Thermometer is one of the basic medical equipment used to measure  body temperature and is one of the preliminary step for any diagnosis. The medical instrument has come a long way, initially mercury thermometers were reliable than other methods, then came the digital which are widely used and has trusted accuracy but now the technology has taken a step ahead and has brought to us Infrared Thermometer. What Is Infrared Thermometer? Infrared Thermometer is the advanced version of thermometer with the basic objective of measuring body temperature, but with greater ease and higher accuracy. One of its distinctive feature is that, it does not require the user to bring thermometer in contact of patients body, resulting in prevention of transferring of germs from one person to another. It needs to be held with some distance ( given on the pack) from patients forehead, click the button and within no time it will display the body temperature. Santamedical is one of the leading brand in health care sector and has come a long way having a wide array of products. Santamedical Non Contact Infrared Thermometer is one of the most trending medical equipment, working no less than magic. Gradually people are becoming more and more inclined towards this amazing thermometer and a step inclination in its demand has been observed in certain urban regions of America. It's been used in thousands of hospitals and clinics but now with growing popularity even laymen are using the device and have quite positive views, resulting in increase in market share. Why Has Santamedical Non Contact Infrared Thermometer Observed Increase In Its Market Share? • The device has earned the trust of many medical professionals across the globe, resulting into raise in its goodwill. • The quality and accuracy takes the device an edge above the others, gaining faith of its users.  • It's compact design, ergonomic grip and ability to run on batteries has made it a travel friendly device.  • On single set of batteries it can give upto 1,00,000 readings making the device energy efficient. • Loaded with other utility features such recording upto 35 body temperatures and adjustable audio alarm to indicate the high temperature.  All the aforementioned attributes have aid a lot in increasing the market share of Santamedical Non Contact Infrared Thermometer and as it's available on leading e-commerce platform such as Amazon and Walmart, people can easily order the device from comfort of their home and get the delivery at their doorstep.